Hills Development is a fully licenced and experienced builder. Hills Developments Builders was founded on two simple principles; honesty and quality. Our reputation for excellent communication, quality construction and outstanding customer service has grown along with the company. Specializing only in residential construction has allowed us to become one of the top remodelers in the Sydney area. Our team works diligently to be responsive, giving clients the personal attention they deserve and solving problems in a timely manner. We strive to deliver a project that exceeds your expectations.

SO….You want to build a granny flat but don’t know where to begin? Confused about which builder for granny flats you should choose? Unsure if you’re getting a decent arrangement from your granny flat builder? In the event that every inquiries mentioned above are running in your psyche, Hills Developments Granny Flat will guide you through the whole process.

When you are pondering about building a granny flat, there are three crucial things that you have to consider:

1. FINANCE: You are the only one in control of the monetary allowance and never allow the other developer or organisations instruct you on the things that you can or can’t manage.

2. LOOK AROUND: Hills Developments Granny Flat profoundly prescribes for you to search and see alternatives, as you might definitely know there is a great deal of granny flat developers in the business sector. We urge you to search around in order to acknowledge the things that Hills Developments Granny can accomplish for you.

3. LAYOUT: Hills Developments Granny Flat has a huge selection of plans and designs. Hills Developments Granny Flats can be customized or personalized to fit perfectly in your property.

At Hills Developments Granny Flat we have a distinctive identity. We’ll let you be the judge… we are not quite the same as the rest of the builders or developers. We will immediately respond to your call after getting your online inquiry.

We will complete an online evaluation of the property and in addition to give you a data pack and systematic quote on the analysis in just 4 to 8 hours after accepting the details of your property. Hills Developments Granny Flat can perform all of this even before visiting the actual site! We will then complete a free analysis and give you a meticulous fixed-price contract without extra expenses and hidden cost. Hills Developments Granny Flat will uncover everything in advance.

Duty of care
We keep up our dedication to every single occupation to guarantee ventures are conveyed on time and on a specific spending plan, utilising the most recent prevalent strategies, hardware and faculty.

Polished Skill
Steady correspondence, input and taking responsibility for any issues that emerge guarantees that we highly value our customers satisfaction by providing them with a top-notch quality service and output.

Consistent Delivery
From the principal outline to the development and final stages of the granny flat construction, our group is the main administration supplier you will ever need.

For further Assurance and Peace of mind Hills Developments PTY LTD is a proud member of these organisations:

  • Housing Industry Association (HIA)
  • Home Warranty Insurance (QBE)